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Our Females

Lazy Daisy Labs completes OFA and DNA testing on all of our dogs. All reports are available upon request. Just ask!

Lazy Daisy's Black Eyed Susan is a gentle soul. She loves nothing more than being a momma dog and holding a toy in her mouth at all times.  She reminds me the most of my Daisy. She carries on her momma's legacy so well with her phenomenal pups. 

Lazy Daisy's Shasta Daisy has a ton of drive in a petite package. She is very food motivated and loves relaxing with us in the living room, by our feet at the end of the day. 

Lazy Daisy's Pretty Copper Patina is just a big ol' sweetheart. She literally gives the best hugs!! She loves hunting sheds and retrieving but nothing beats affection from her hoomans. 

Lazy Daisy's Red Hot Ember is a fun loving dog. She is a great shed dogger and will do anything for a treat. She also seems to stay fat on air! She is a lovable chunker who can't resist to boop you with her nose. 

Lazy Yellow Daisy


It all started with Daisy. We have been so impressed with her 4 litters and she gave us 3 beautiful females to carry on her legacy: Truffle, Shasta and Sue

Lazy Daisy's Chocolate Truffle

Truffle is the sweetest and calmest lab we've ever owned. She has always been polite and gentle to our kids and guests. 

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