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Our Males

Lazy Daisy Labs completes OFA and DNA testing on all of our dogs. All reports are available upon request. Just ask!

Cactus Rose's Double Banded Snow Goose is a show stopper! He comes to us from TX as a fully trained waterfowl and big game hunting machine. He has his SHR title through UKC and is trained in Senior Hunting and Retrieving. He is even able to track downed large game! Not to mention he is a big ol' softy underneath all that tough exterior. He loves to be loved and physical touch is definitely his love language! 

Cactus Rose Lazy Cornerstone is JUST.THE.BEST.DOG!! We could not be more proud of this boy. He is a shed hunter extraordinaire. He loves his kids, his bones and his balls. And, everyone LOVES Stoney! 


No Trouble with Lazy Davy Crockett

We are so proud to have our beautiful stud who posseses Grand Champion Lines. He's a wonderfully fun and friendly dog and we are so glad he is living his best retired life with an amazing family!

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